We now serve the specialized requirements of the steamship lines, ports and rail yards. Service descriptions follow: Our core service is the transport of loaded and empty containers to and from the rail yards, steamship lines, freight forwarders and distribution centres within the Greater Toronto Area We also truck containers between other Ontario points and the GTA, as requested by our customers. We offer a personalized and professional service that considers the environment’s well-being, the safety of our team members and the safe and secure storage, handling and delivery of our clients’ containers.
We at AAA Freight System inc. Group come from very humble beginnings starting with President, Mr. Imran Mahmud formerly an executive in the Trucking industry. He started is carrier there Back in 2010. Almost 10 years working there he has decided to before becoming a boss of his own where he started to develop his genuine passion for trucking and helping people with their lives by transporting cargo essentials to required locations. In 2018, he founded AAA Freight System Group and started operations within Ontario. Slowlybut gradually he expanded his network all across Canada and America. Slowly and steadily but surely, we’re building up our fleet of tractors and trailers with one goal in mind, to be the best asset-based carrier specializing in transporting perishable commodities along with food & beverage consumer products. Presently, we operate in throughout Canada and U.S.A serving a wide range of customers across the respective countries. As a freight broker our transportation portfolio consists of several areas of projects serving customers within industries such as; Mail (Canada Post), consumers goods, meat/poultry products, frozen packaged foods, diverse set of fresh produce, auto parts, mining equipment’s, Industrial heavy duty equipment’s and more.